House of Silver is located in the centre of Canada, conveniently linked to major shipping and transportation routes. Call us for a free consultation. When we receive your item we will be able to provide you with a quote. And if you are in Winnipeg, drop by our shop.

House of Silver
Robert Wynnobel, owner
phone: 204-774-3250
743 Wall Street, Winnipeg, MB
Canada R3G 2T6


We plate your pieces with the highest quality materials available, likely superior to the original factory finish. The result is a deep, high-lustre, show-quality surface. Use the following guide to maintain the excellent results you receive at House of Silver:


Good chrome is clean chrome. Deterioration begins with dirt, so maintain your pieces using a reputable, non- abrasive chrome polish on a soft cloth.

Black nickel

Apply a non-abrasive liquid wax, baby oil or WD40 and polish gently with a soft cloth to maintain the desired appearance.


We recommend that gold plated parts be coated with a ren wax to protect the finish. If you prefer not to coat the gold parts, instead clean them with a soft cloth. Take care not to rub the surface excessively, as gold is very delicate, and too much buffing can cause abrasion and discolouration.

Care of your polished-only pieces

To retain the finish on your reworked surface, we suggest buffing it frequently using a reputable metal polish product.


We plate your parts with a finish much thicker than factory production plating. Extra care must therefor be taken around bolt and screw holes. Always use washers under bolts and screws and take care to avoid over- tightening, which can cause cracking of the finish around the hole. House of Silver cannot take responsibility for improper installation.